Proposal for e-collect type of page on internet. No use in USA of this version.
Potential use for receiving details for a local, city, county, province or state authority, a company or partners or collective or organisation, bank and saving offices, union or institute, a society or co-op or club, medical facilities and emergency services where rules allow.
Purpose is to receive a low cost reply not through postal service after details of access are know or receive by adult who may respond and a reply can relate to 1 or more of
1 select or choose from a number of alternative
3 question
4 request a form or information, leaflet or brochure, account detail
5 section of words stating of a subject.

Access type D / the details to consider, can be distribute or disseminate by other facility
A page can be show on a device screen or a printer-terminal
Sections of words confirm subject and show details relating to defined subsite or replycode
Information on how to reply, prerequires and can be address for access type C
Sections of words describe all is necessary for any of type 1 to 5 describe before.

Access type C / the reply
A page can be show on a device screen
Input press click or touch for address bar, input bar or area or line, check or tick box or line, selection alternatives, code or ref. options line can be use to indicate detail and content to the prefer of the organisation
Use includes all or part of a cust. or member num., identity num. or similar, plastic card or document or bill digits, user code or ref.
Can be use of encrypt or stenogr. apply to part of details to send
Can be press click or touch for graphic button, word or link to send or release a reply to computer system and can be words to show in window top bar or browser address bar or status line after short delay

Convey of a reply to system is through internet browser by input to address bar or similar a notified page address and can be a defined subsite name or replycode, then send a reply which can be through secure server facilities.

Consider retaining in program memory more than 1 reply and write out to mass-storage a record containing many reply. All reply in the records are processed appropriately, count of different type of reply can be maintain and where relevant there is posting and emailing of part or all documents requested to a responder. Restricted detail relating to account can be send through mail email and message to phone facilities in the day or next day.
Print or display of records for system administration is necessary, the records can be search along and a find of a reply is within agreed number of second.
Describe by T.D.C. in Great Britain on 17 and 23 July 2020 version 1.1

Contact detail for the author is
and send a communication to the email address.


Contact part2       A simple display, using / to , represent input area bar or tray and C to C for control option
Complete your request. A keyboard on or connect to device for details type in positions below check and send or print and mail to us.
Touch or click to right of start of position to type in alpha num or symbol, use rub backsp or del to
remove error and type in correct, a key with x on tag is for rubout.
 Number long        Small 3        C  C
   /               ,         /       ,
 Small 1 and 2       Our char
   /     ,   /    ,      /   ,

 Select - choose 1 checkbox
  Describe 1   [  ]
  Describe 2   [  ]
  Describe 3   [  ]

 Email address  / ,       C    C
 My tell  /                     ,
Check details, where error touch or click side of char then remove and type in correct
Details send to us by touch or click button when ready, short delay for message from system

 [button]   To A Ltd / B SA / C Bk
Move to other site or close frame or our contact page with link to legals is access by touch or click link.
 Contact us

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