Use of amount for successive decrease to conclude with above a minimum to remain.
The calculations describe below can be in use where it is prefer not to install and maintain a variance effect reducing method.

1. Amount to remain as a minimum and a little more when prefer can be take away from a higher amount and result is a referencing amount.

1A. Copy the variance value relating to device which is accumulating the other amounts and change copy to a positive value or unsigned.

2. Multiply refer'g amount by a factor appropriately close to the positive value and result is a differencing amount.

3. Take away differ'g amount from the refer'g amount and result is a revise refer'g amount.

4. Take away from or add a little more to the revise refer'g amount conforming to the prefer and result is round down and to have when using the device. Not always possible to use all digits of positive value.

5. Sum a smaller amount and the accumulate of preceding smaller amounts on the device, check result is less than revise refer'g amount or is identical.

6. When that condition exists, a smaller amount is to be include in the accumulate of smaller amounts.

7. When other condition exists, a smaller amount is not to be allocate from the revise refer'g amount. Attempting allocate of identical smaller amount can occur after elapse of a short period.

Separate accounting accurately for all smaller amounts allocated is often necessary
This describe can not be used relating to device with other type of variance
In step 1. working with a copy of the higher amount is often prefer
In step 4. use of take away could cause nondesirable result
In step 5. the words 'or is identical' can be delete.

Describe is by and based on earlier work of T.D.C. on 6  and 16 October 2020.

Version of this describe for use with positive variance can be supply on request.

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