Situations in practical use of describe for Saferema

After a first request for allocate of a small amount which is nonacceptable, continue the allocating process or running of a program. Requests can arrive to process other smaller amounts from the same or other requestor.

In a request can be indicator for use of reserve or top/up facility and can be present on the first and second request arrive from a requestor within a short period or 20 minute. Reserve or top/up facility can be apply on 1 or 2 occasion in a day or similar period by a clerk or admin. worker after contact with a supervisor.

The allocating processes or a program run can terminate for different reasons,
successive nonallocate for a notified number of occur
nonallow for allocating
elapse of agreed period of time
short period to the end of working hours
impractical amount remaining of revise referencing amount
short period to the apply of reserve or top/up amount
nonforesee circumstances
and when possible should be a write, print or sound record of 1 line or phrase for the amount from separate accounting accurately for all smaller amounts allocated and the amount apply of reserve or top/up.

The process for arriving at a higher amount to use for step 1. of describe for Saferema is available on request. It is intended for capable supervisor, clerk or admin. workers.

Where permitted, a correct and functioning install of procedure in describe for Saferema or relating computer program can attract a charge in local currency close to US dollar 40 to 75 plus local taxes and maintenance is free of charge.
Costs of operating the processes are cover by central funding, or pay for from funds available to a CEO or director, or finance management. A request for allocation or a return of a small amount is not to attract a fee or charge.

Penalty or fine can be apply for using processes, accuracy of records, playing the system, requesting amounts, which is nonacceptable after decide by a supervisor and a manager. Where permitted, penalty part or full amount can be reclaim from a person.

Describe is by T.D.Cutler on 24 October 2020.

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